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There is a reason that most of today's top executive leaders choose to consult with

an executive coach; it works. Executive coaches across the world are recruited

to help leaders reach their full leadership potential. Through increased self-awareness,

deeper understanding of their enviroment, and the ability to identify and overcome the weaknesses that are keeping them from progressing, our clients achieve results.


When choosing an executive coach, there are two important things to ask:

  • Does the coach hold a noteable executive coaching certification?

  • Does the coach use a proven coaching process?


It is important to know that not all executive coaches are created equal. Anyone can call

themselves an executive coach. At Coaching Sherpa, we pride ourselves on the fact that we hold a coaching certification from a top, accredited University. Our clients take comfort in knowing that they are working with a highly skilled coach who has been expertly trained to provide measurable results.


Additionally, we follow the Sherpa Coaching process. The Sherpa Coaching process is the world's most widely recognized coaching process because it has proven success in helping the world's top executives achieve their goals, modify behaviors, and produce measurable results.




Nepalese Sherpas are highly regarded as the world's most elite mountaineers and climbing experts, particularly for expeditions to climb Mount Everest. These Sherpa were incredibly valuable to early explorers where they served as guides in the most extreme conditions. The idea of guiding clients to new heights and helping them achieve the impossible goal is the basis for the Sherpa coaching process.


Developed by Brenda Corbett and Judith Coleman, the Sherpa Coaching process is the most widely recognized coaching program in the industry today. This results based coaching process continually proves to be highly successful among today's top executive leaders.


By following Sherpa's six step coaching process, we guarantee that you will see measurable results and positive behavior modifications. Each coaching relationship spans 12, one hour face-to-face meetings and can be completed in three to six months depending on the client's preference. We work closely with each client to customize a meeting schedule to fit their busy calendar.


To begin your guided journey through the world's most recognized coaching process or to simply learn more about our services, please fill out the Consultation form on the homepage or visit the Contact section of our website.


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