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In addition to offering world-class executive coaching, Coaching Sherpa specialize in facilitator led Leadership Development training workshops. All programs are instructed by our Master Facilitator on-site, in your location of choice. Additionally, all programs are modified and customized to best fit your organization's training needs.

Leader as Coach


A half day program that takes managers through the critical coaching techniques that will help them become effective coaches for their employees. Participants experience a hands-on, highly engaging workshop where they not only learn the necessary tools for coaching but also practice them all within a safe learning environment. Topics covered are Coaching Mindset, Effective Listening, Asking Coaching Questions and Assessing Behavioral Styles. Leader as coach is our most requested workshop to date.



Leading with Emotional Intelligence


This one day, comprehensive workshop, teaches participants to identify, use, understand, and manage

emotions in an effective and positive way. The benefits of having a high EQ are better communication, reduction in anxiety and stress, ability to diffuse conflicts, improve relationships, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life’s challenges. Let us help your leaders increase their EQ to help broaden their influence and overall success.



Coaching Coaches


This half day program goes one step beyond our Leader as Coach program and equips participants with the latest tools and techniques neccesary to coach their employees on how to properly coach others. We highly recommend that participants take the Leader as Coach program prior to taking this workshop to ensure they understand the fundamentals.



Present like a Leader


Is your staff prepared to deliver that key presentation to your clients? Are your leaders prepared to deliver a motivating and inspiring presentation to their employees? Our Present Like a Leader course is a two part program that not only equips participants with the necessary presentation skills needed to wow their audience, but also gives them one-on-one coaching with a full video review of their most recent presentation. Participants walk away with a new understanding of what it means to present with power.



Myers Briggs and DiSC Assessment


At Coaching Sherpa, we are certified in both DiSC and Myers-Briggs (MBTI) behavioral style assessments. Whether you are using these assessments for recruitment and selection or for team optimization, they are the world's most accurate and effective assessments available today. Find out how you can leverage these assessments to build the profitability and productivity of your organization.

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