Some people dream of success. We make it happen. That is our mission at Coaching Sherpa. We have one objective; help you lead more effectively. We are not a one-stop-shop. We do not claim to be experts in all things training and development. However, what we do, we do exceptionally well.


At Coaching Sherpa, we focus our attention on the one thing that changes everything, coaching. By concentrating exclusively on executive coaching and  facilitator led Leadership workshops, we are able to deliver a world-class experience for you and your employees. We are your coaching experts.

Daniel Kurber, MBA, CSC

MBA in Organizational Behavior, Professional Certified Coach (CSC),

Founder of Coaching Sherpa

Daniel is a dynamic, engaging, and innovative Leadership Development professional. He has honed his craft as a master facilitator and internal executive coach while working for top Fortune companies such as Charter Communications, Comcast Communications, U.S. Bank, and Publicis Media.


Specializing in Internal Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Innovative Employee Engagement techniques, Dan has proven success in employee satisfaction, retention and organizational loyalty.


With his larger than life personality and thoroughly engaging facilitation style, Dan is able to lead audiences on an exciting journey of self-discovery and social awareness that will transform the way they grow, develop and lead others. 

Daniel Kurber

We enlisted the help of Coaching Sherpa to help build our organization's Learning and Development strategy.

Through the use of advanced HR analytics and good old fashion listening, Dan helped us build a highly successful and efficient Learning & Development framework that continues to produce high level talent to this day .


Gordon Renn -

CEO,Fox Converting



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